Setuptools and Pip

If you have pip installed

(sudo) pip install catsup

Or if you don’t have pip, try easy_install instead

(sudo) easy_install catsup


Install with git can always have the latest code

git clone git://
cd catsup

# We use git submodules to organize out theme.
# If you don't want the default theme(current version is sealscript)
# You can skip these command.
git submodule init
git submodule update

python install


Catsup uses misaka as the markdown engine.It requires C compiler.On Ubuntu, you may run

(sudo) apt-get install python-dev

If you’re using a Mac, you need to install XCode and its Command Line Tools.

Windows User?

Sorry that I don’t use Windows and I also don’t know how to install it.That should works well with Cygwin. If you’re using Windows and know how to install catsup on Windows, please fork this doc , add it and send a pull request.

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