Preview Server

Preview your blog without build & deploy

catsup server
catsup server -p 8000

Deploy Support

Help you deploy your blog via git or rsync

catsup deploy # Deploy via default way
catsup rsync # Deploy via rsync
catsup git # Deploy via git


Catsup has GitHub Pages support.It will create a CNAME file when deploy via git.


If you host your posts on GitHub or Bitbucket, catsup can generate your blog when you push to your repo.

You need to clone your repo and start a webhook server

git clone git://path/to/your/repo.git posts
catsup webhook -p 12580


Catsup webhook is not a daemon process.That means you may need to use Supervisor to turn it into daemon.

Then configure webhook on GitHub or Bitbucket. Here we use GitHub as an example:

  • Go to the “admin” page for your project
  • Click “Service Hooks”
  • In the available service hooks, click “WebHook URLs“
  • Type your url [1]
  • Click “Update Settings”
[1]If your server’s ip is , you can type

Then when you push to GitHub, catsup will pull and generate your blog.

Twitter Card

Catsup has a build-in Twitter Card support via meta marco.

Click here if you don’t know what Twitter Card is :

All you need to do is go to and submit your blog. Then wait for the magic works.

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